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What is inside the 9 pages BP public letter?

May 12, 2010

we need to act responsibly for our society

On 4.20, BP’s deepwater Horizon drilling rig  exploded, causing 11 people die. It also brings potential long-term damages to the fragile ecosystem. It is reported that the oil can cause serious long-term impacts to the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. As then, over 5, 000 barrels were released into the water. BP responded the disaster with this letter.

In this nine pages letter, BP described that figuring out what really happend could be a complex process. The letter also emphasized that the caution should be taken to draw any conclusion until this point. 

BP also emphasized that Transocean, which is the dilling company, should take the full responsibility for drilling operations safety. But, the detailed contract binding between BP and Transocean is not known for now. Who will take more responsibility for this disaster?. 

According to the letter, the detailed process on the night of 4.20 is also not precisely known. One thing confusing me is what the term  ‘precisely’  really means? Is still possible to get a precise report for this accident? To what extent the accident can be precisely known?

The report also mentioned that BOP was absent, which lead to the failure in preventing the oil from spilling into the water. It seems BOP is really critical for this accident. But, what the BOP means? Since this is a public report, the term BOP should be more well clarified.

It is highly recommended that BP, as a public responsible company, should deliver a more clean, logical, and scientifically responsible letter. 


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