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Do not use a massive oil well as an experimental place– BP oil spill

May 19, 2010

Someone may argue: We live in an experimental way

Two main involved companies: BP and Transocean

There are two possible main reasons leading to BP oil spill. The first is the novel use of nitrogen-cement mix. The second is the failed engage of blowout preventer (BOP). The term BOP was also not explained clearly in the BP public letter. It is still unclear why the BOP failed to engage during accident. However, the use of nitrogen-cement mix has been proven too risky. I searched the nitrogen-cement mix as the key word in the two following popular research databases.

(1) Google Scholar It just returns a patent, which is associated with the keyword. The patent was filed pretty early in 1984 (filed 1981) by Shell company.

(2) Science Direct There are no tests of the nitrogen-cement mix method (until 5-19-2010). It might be because this method is patented, which prevents research community to pursue the effectiveness and the associated safety.

It is apparent that the research of the nitrogen-cement mix is still quite weak. Given this fact, it is really inappropriate to use this weakly tested method for dirging the massive commercial oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

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