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Can the public be fooled?– BP oil spill

May 20, 2010

Is it easy to fool public?

A: public is nothing but just a bunch of people, barely working together, often fighting among each other

B: public knows knowledge from media, various media, confusion from different media?  

C: public loses their confidences to the so-called media?

      No!, we still read some news, even though, we just glance at headlines

D: public has not strong enthusiasm to the things not related to their immediate interests (food, wage, water, cloth, children, parents, car…)

E: public can only say NO, when they vote for governor, president, probably once or twice within years

F: public is fooled all the time before the free media taken place

Good News: there is a very encouraging news from BP’s website (5-20-2010,5:58pm). About 3, 000 barrels oil has been collected by the riser insertion tube tool (RITT).  About 14 million standard cubic feet a day of gas is also collected. 

Bad News: BP at the same time already admitted that more than 5,000 barrels/day (original estimate) oil have been been gushed into Gulf of Mexico. For environment, congressman says the environmental catastrophe is much worse than previously thought. It is claimed that BP oil spill has brought the worst environmental damage of US history.

The question is: Why the number was wrongly estimated before? Why some experts (as cited by BBC) estimated 10 times more than BP’s estimate? 

Who is fooling the public? 

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