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The road for Thailand democracy–The Color

May 21, 2010

Democracy is loved by all for any price.

(1) Corruption

(2) Election fraud

(3) Military coup

(4) Fight and blood

From March to may of 2010, in Thailand, the red-shirts’ protest finally leads to the clash between them and military. About 40 people have died from the clash, 800 injured


Thailand is unique in Asia. It is one of handful democratic counties in Asia.

The color of country

Red shirts consist of supporters and members of National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD). UDD was formed in 2006 to oppose military backed government. Many Red shirts are from Chiang Mai Province of Thailand, the hometown of Thaksin_Shinawatra, the Prime Minister of Thailand from 2001 to 2006. Thaksin_Shinawatra is said supported by the Red shirts. 

Yellow shirts consist of supporters and members of People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD). PAD was formed mainly against Thaksin_Shinawatra. Yellow shirts is said being supportive to the current Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. But, very recently, the Yellow shirts also called for the resign of Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Who is richer?

Yellow shirts are richer than Red shirts.  Many Yellow shirts are middle or upper classes, partially supported by Thailand military.  Red shirts have deep roots in Thailand’s rural areas. 

What is the color for?

Yellow shirts’ enemy:

Thaksin_Shinawatra and his family members owns huge amount of assets, about $1.4 billion in total, 100 million considered owned prior to being the Prime Minister. The increase of the fortune is suspected due to his policy corruption, which is to take benefits from the national investment of infrastructure and liberalization. This policy has infringed Yellow shirts’ interests.  

Red shirts’ hero:

Thaksin_Shinawatra has helped Thailand recovered from 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. His economic policy is  so successful, later called Thaksinomics. The center of such policy is to help Thailand’s rural people. Over-all, the policy empowered the rural people, stabilized the national economy. 

Thaksin_Shinawatra’s universal health care plan also wined the popularity among poor people. The school decentralization policy also  allowed poor people’s children to receive education. 

Color and democracy

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