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Beauty in motion – Angie Sanclemente Valencia

May 27, 2010

Not all beauties are with a white color

Angie Sanclemente Valencia was Just arrested today (5-26-1020). The arrest is issued by international Police. She is accused of persuading a young woman (21 years old) to smuggle 55Kg Cocaine in a suitacse at Ezeiza International Airport (How bold!), located at the capital of Argentina.

She was born in 5.25.1979, a former Colombian queen. It is suspected that some models hired by her to transport Cocaine from Argentina to England via Cancún.

Through her Facebook account, she cited one website. she said: “I am very sad and hurt by incorrect information being published.” That article also stated that there is a new trend for women to rule the criminal organizations, such as drug trafficking.

Which one is true? international police charge? herself argument? I will keep update this…

Bottom line, hope she can do well for her future life.

(Accreditation: the photo is cited from her Facebook account)

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