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Women -drug facts

May 27, 2010

Surprising facts

Do you know?

More than 4 million women addicted to drug in US. More than 9 million women have touched drug in 2009. 70% of AIDS among women are due to drug uses. Almost half of women in the age of 15 – 44 have used drug for at least once.

Why women abuse the use of drug?

A childhood physical and/or sexual assault also called posttraumatic stress disorder (PISD) is linked to drug uses (Brady et al. 1994; Najavits et al. 1997).  Especially, childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is strongly associated with women’s drug dependence (Kendler et al. 2000). Young women, Single mom, women in jail (as high as 36%), women with mental diseases have higher risks of using drug (Henderson, 1998).

Young women and drug (Marijuana is addictive)

More and more young women are using marijuana. Over 60% of young drug users use marijuana. They are often be fooled that marijuana are not be able to make them addictive. They frequently start to use it by experimenting it. The consequences is serious. After using marijuana, young women are in the risk of having sex with others. They are also easier to use other dangerous drugs. The marijuana also can affect young women’s brains, which are still developing. The impaired brain can tend to have  neuropsychological deficits.

Parents and young women drug uses

Parents play a key role for reducing the risk of their children in using drugs (of course including marijuana). Parents should monitor they children for the drug uses. Parents should also set ‘strict’ rule for preventing their children from using drugs.

Remember, it is also the duty of parents to show their children the risks and damages of using drugs before they go to Pub and party.


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