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Who is who – Steven Jobs/iPad – a glory and bitter story

June 2, 2010

Steven Jobs is doing a great job lately. His iPad is sold one in a three seconds.

4 reasons to make people love it:

(1) It is small and easy to carry on. My officemate carries it everyday.

(2) The hardware and software look slicks as iPod, iPhone.

(3) Multi-touch makes the usability rocks.

(4) Play game, read books…

There is also a bitter story behind of these glory features of iPad.  Steven Jobs was actually quite sick before 2009. He went through liver transplant in early of January 2009. But, he has been managing to get the iPad project move smoothly forward. It finally got out of Apple’ door on April, 2010.  There is a one year three month between the liver transplant surgery and the first public release if iPad.

It is known liver problem ( such as cancer) can be very painful.  2008 should be a critical year for iPad project to grow up, formalize, finalize in terms prototype design, test, demo, and  preliminary manufacturing.  One side is painful liver problem, another side is heavy iPad work progress.  In 2009, it is a year of post-surgery management.  It is also a critical year of iPad final system test and production.

In 2008, 2009, for Jobs, he has gone through at least two wars, one war liver diseases,  another war iPad’s debate and fight.  In 3.2010, one year after the surgery, Jobs helped passs California organ donation bill. God bless this man.

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