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The factors for the DIASPORA* project to be successful

June 3, 2010

Seven factors

Which factors will help Diaspora to get success?

(1) Tech News Media. If Diaspora can continue drive the media’s attention, then the chance of success of can be increased. Such media can include: TechCrunch, Wired, Readwriteweb.

(2) Github. Github has not only been a place for storing codes. It is a place for discovery of similar workers. It is also a place for social, communicate to other programmers. In Github, you can know many famous programmers, projects right away.  Such as, jQuery Founder, Prototype main contributor, as well as the famous Facebook open-source initiative projects, tons of others. Knowing them, getting experiences from them, getting help from them are smart actions. By doing this, the Diaspora project also can be known by other open source projects in the Github.

(3) Hardwork, it is easier said than to be done. Programming needs hardworking people.  Programming is a heavy labor work.

(4) Good programming architecture, it is usually very hard for a small team, especially plus the early starting, harsh deadline to have a good  programming architecture in its mind.  It is often because they have not been through the headaches of website scalability, maintenance.  and continuous development/growth.

(5) Team/project management,  it is almost for sure, more members will join in the Diaspora project. The success of managing a team with more than 10,20 people  is critical for Diaspora’s success.  Some collaboration tools are good be considered. Such as, Google wave, real time collaboration . Mediawiki for FAQ, technical questions, lighthouse bug tracking,

(6) Balance of school work and project work, they are still students in NY university. If they do not want to quit school, they have to make a good balance between school work and the ambitious Diaspora project.

(7) Do not too rush, they promised to deliver the initial codes in the end of this summer, which is about 4 month from now. Within 4 months to finish excellent coding with decent framework could be very challenging. The result of the rushing movement could be a big loss in the long run.

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