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The Kick Starter – Lasersaur: open source laser cutter

June 7, 2010

Open source is not only limited to software anymore

When talking about the open source, people immediately think of software. Not anymore!

Addie and Stefan, two alumi from NYU university has initiated a project called Open Source Laser Cutter, often worth more 30K . The idea is simple, making a laster cutter and open the making process to public. The making process is exactly referring to the documentation and schematics of the manufacturing process of the open source laser cutter. Their project on the KickStarter is very welcomed. Now they have raised 16,288$, 183 backers, with the  original goal of 10,000$.  There are still 31 days left for the project funds raising.

How good of this idea?

Laser cutter is a wide use of product for artists, painters, designers, architects, and mechanical engineers. But, the laster cutter is over expensive for many artists and designers.   So, laser cutter only can be available in some larger design institutes, studios. If Addie and Stefan can make a number of laser cutters and open the manufacturing-process to the public, that would help designers a great deal.

The only question left for us is how the released documentation can be used by public? How can we produce one or two  fancy laster cutter by our own?


Addie and Stefan might need to think beyond of the current project goal when time moves forward, to make the open source laster cutter available or made by all designers very easily.

A demonstration of the ZUND/EUROLASER laster cutter (Accreditation)

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