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The open source impact -Wikileaks

June 8, 2010

Open source has impact on freedom of information act

Wikileaks, and amorphous, international organization, accepting anonymous submissions, targeting at sensitive documents from governments and organizations, has received some attention lately 1, 2.

Wikileaks is using Mediawiki, the open source Wiki platform developed and used by Wikipedia.

Julian Paul Assange is cited as the brain behind of the wikileaks. Based on the lengthy (11 pages) interview of Assange by Newyorker, the sensitive materials on Wikileaks are stored on more than twenty servers around the world, with hundreds of backup domain names. This again proves the power of MediaWiki, which can support multiple instanceserver deployment.

On 2.21009, Assange was honored with a Doctor of Journalism and Communications by the Moffett University due to his excellence on information transparency.

Here the interview video of Assange:

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