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John Craig Venter

June 9, 2010

Be a professor, or a scientist?

Following his invention of the first artificial cell, John Craig Venter could become one of top scientists of the 21st century.

John Craig Venter is innovative. He proposed the new method for the sequencing long DNA strands. The new method has a rather unique name “short gun method“.  The method is being used widely for the DNA sequencing research, even though the accuracy of the sequencing has been criticized, due to the nature of the random DNA sampling and the possible overlaps of the divided smaller DNA segments.

John Craig Venter’s life goal is said changed after the tour of duty in Vietnam as a hospital corpsman. He determined to be a  molecular biologist rather than a surfer. With the help of ventural capital, he founded the Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR).  In 2006, TIGR became one division of Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), which was also founded by John Craig Venter.

He has never been a university professor, probably will not be in the future. His company research fundings are mostly from the venture capital. He conducted research with funding support both from his own company and the government as well.

In a word, his approach to research is more practical than those of  traditional scientists, for example, the short gun method.  He has also attempted to make the research product to be commercialized.  This can be a successful example for many young biology research scientists and scientists in other areas as well.

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