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Apple’s Lover- Adobe (2)

June 11, 2010

Why Flash can not compete with HTML5?

Flash has been a very popular animation,2D/3D game, video player since 2005 until 2010, when Adobe acquired Macromedia.

But why Flash became unfavoriated by tech people so suddenly? Many people may argue

(1)  Steven jobs’ letter is the main trigger, which emphasized four points (A) open web (B) full web (C) reliability, performance, security (4) battery life

(2) Flash is slow, unstable, buggy as stated by the letter, which I do not fully agree

(3) HTML5 is getting a good shape, now supported by Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera

(4) Our world moves forward, that’s it!

True, it seems to be a fair explanation. For me, Jobs’s first point is very interesting. It is about open web.  Why open web is that important? Why Flash does not open its source? How powerful HTML5 is?

  • Why open web is that important?

Open means public knows what is going on within the inside.  Open web means public knows some details of the web, or at least developers know some details of the web. In 1990s, the web technology was not open, controlled mainly by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.  In 200os, the open source giant mozilla entered the web industry, the birth of Firefox has brought the web browser revolution.  In face of mozilla challenges, Google, MS, and Apple started the web browser wars. The result of the war is the technology revolution, HTML5 standard.

It is Mozilla that brings the web revolution.

It is also Mozilla that opens the door for Flash to fade away.

Without mozilla, our web still stays in the era of dark age, which is fairly controled by several silicon valley big companies.

  • Why Flash does not opens its source codes?

Why Adobe did not open the Flash source, even today? Adobes knows HTML5’s open standard will kill the flash. My answer is that it is already too late.  HTML5 has gained its position with the wide support from Apple, Google, and mozilla.

Flash is defeated not because of the technology self, not because of Steven Jobs, but because of Adobe’s business vision.

  • How powerful HTML5 is?

For those of who are not familiar with HTML5, this is going to be a good starting point. HTML5 can support three main exciting features (1) Js APIs (2) CSS3 (3) New HTML tags

Js APIs supports features

(1)  Web storage (2) Web SQL database (3) Application Cache API (4) Web Workers (5) Web Sockets (6) Notifications (7) Drag and drop (8) Geolocations

CSS3 supports feature

(1) Enhanced CSS selectors (2) New font (3) Automatic column support (4) Tex Stroke (5) Enhanced text wrapping (6) Opacity (7) Enhanced text color (8) Easy rounded corners (9) Gradient (10) Shadows (11) Background (12) Text position control (13) Transformation (14) Animation

New HTML Tags features

(1) New semantic tags, including header, hgroup, nav, section, aside, footer (2) New link relations (3) Microdata (4) New filed types (5)  Audio, video, and Canvas (3D) (6) SVG support

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