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Google’s good and bad (1)

June 15, 2010

Do you use Google Wave?

Google wave has been released in public, without the need of invitation, about two months.  Wave is a real time collaboration tool.  It provides similar functions as Zoho, writeboard, collaboriteapp, and Google DOC.  It has rather simpler interface, faster real time collaboration functions than Google Doc.

Wave’s main interface

Google doc’s main interface

Google Doc’s editing interface

If you compare these two interfaces, it is apparent that Wave has a more integrated interface. Folder (also called label), items within a folder, the content for a specific item are placed on the one main interface. After editing, user can type ” shift-enter” to finish the editing.  User can click the “+” button above the content area to share your document with your friends very easily.

Relative to Wave, Google Doc is much harder to use. The function integration is not as tight as Google Wave. Users have to edit the content in the separate interface, Google Doc editing interface. That interface is separated from the Doc’s main interface. It slowed the user’s efficiency.

However, wave has a very annoying visual display bug for its current interface design, compromising the use of wave. Note: this bug only exists for a certain screen resolution ( 1680 X 1050) .  Hope Google can fix this bug soon.

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