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The possibility of beyond of human (1)

June 18, 2010

The thoughts

Very lately, the success of first synthetic bacteria opened a door. The door is about human made life or artificial life.

Greg discussed the  nature of human beings as well as the history of artificial life in the Journal of Nature.  The main point of the article is to discuss whether human created life is viable and how debatable and ethical it is in a history context.

Another interesting article by professor Mark also featured in the Journal of Nature discussed the significance of life.  It is when life can be made entirely from non-living materials, then how significant of our life?

Other researchers however have more optimistic viewpoints. For example, Steven argued that the creative synthetic technology can allow us for the resurrection of ancient bacteria. as well as more complex organs, for example, the prosthetic-limb and the extinct organisms.

We will conclude this short thoughts article with a remark from Philip Ball: Life’ in biology, rather like ‘force’ in physics.

Philip Ball: the winner of the 2005 Aventis Prize with his book Critical Mass.

This picture shows the first synthetic cell. The blue color is the chemical marker used in the experiment. It shows colonies formed from a single cell containing the synthetic genome.

Accreditation to Science Magazine

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