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A concise guide of writing a book

June 21, 2010

Writing, publishing your own book are easier than before

If you want to write and publish a book, these are some useful resources for you.

(1) Writing


It is an open source project, aiming to provide a markup language, similar to HTML language, for writing a book.  You can find its definitive guide here.  Another good tutorial is available here.  There is a good list of tools used to help you to be more efficient in using Docbook.

Some companies also offered good editors for using Docbook. For example, oxygenxml, which is a very powerful Docbook editing tool.

(2) Reading


Booktorious is an open source ePub reader, with the goal to mimic other hardware based eReaders, for example, Sony Reader Touch, Apple Ipad, Amazon Kindle. It means you can read the eBook from your computer without buying an expensive eReader. Booktorious needs the latest browser support, for example Chrome 6.

(3) Publishing


Epub is a good eBook publishing community. It can support various eReaders, with a large base of readers and authors.

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