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The art of branding – startup company name

June 22, 2010

All about startup company name

For now, most of simple domain names have been registered. You can find this by trying different domain names on the domain name registration website GoDaddy.

The available website domain names are likely the combination of two words or non-meaning words.  It is very challenging for new startups to get a meaningful, easy to remember, and one word name.  It is interesting to see the recent new startup company names listed in below.

(1) Quora, no meaning word

(2) Simplegeo, two word combination

(3) Precisionpolling, two word combination

(4) Stocktwits, two word combination

(5) Location-labs, two word combination

(6) Scvngr, no meaning word

(7) Covestor, no meaning word

(8) Kaching, no meaning word

(9) Buddymedia, two word combination

(10) Loopt, no meaning word

(11) Hunch, no meaning word

(12) Basekit, two word combination

For the no meaning word website, it is not easy for people to make a connection between website name and the content of website. This is in particularly important for some very small startups, because most of people do not know the company and website yet.

Without heavy advertisement, there are two simple ways for people to find out the startup companies.

(1) Social network,  for example, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube

(2) Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine

If the startup website name has a meaning, it is relatively easy for the search engine to locate it. It is also easy for people to find it in the social network.

On the other hand, the startups also can risk themselves for the non-meaning word.

If the non-meaning word is easy to pronounce and sounds clean such as Yahoo, Hunch, then it can be also a good name.

Since many startups have to use two words as the company names, there is a simple art of strategy for these companies to use.

Get a short name and advertise it along with the company name, for example, Facebook (6 years old company), as FB, TechCrunch (5 years old company), as TC.

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