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The moment of decision making – fire of General Stanley McChrystal

June 23, 2010

How Obama made the critical decision

General Stanley McChrystal was just fired one hour ago today by his boss Obama. It was stated by Obama that Stanley’s behavior does not meet the quality as the commanding General. David Petraeus will take his position as the new commander in Afghanistan.

Obama’s decision is based on the following facts:

(1) The Afghanistan war is not up to one single man or woman, the private, the General, the president.  What this means? It means the decision is not due to the relationship between the General and the President. The decision is made based on a bigger picture.

(2) The dismiss decision is not based on Stanley’s personal insult, “the diaspoitnment of the first meeting with Obama -Rollingstone interview “. What this means? It means the decision is not personal at all.

(3) The dismiss decision is not based on Stanley’s Afghan strategy. What this means? It means the decision is neither based on Stanley’s Afghan war achievement nor Stanley’s long term vision of the Afghan strategy.

(4) The article published on the Rollingstone reflects the General’s poor judgment. What this means? Poor judgement is the main reason for the dismiss.

Judgement is the key for a commanding General. Critical judgement capability is what Obama appreciates for a war General.

Stanley McChrystal

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