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Hunting the God particles

June 23, 2010

God particle also called the Higgs boson

One of objectives of the 27 KM in circumference Large Hadron Collider is to find the God particle, Higgs Boson. Why Higgs boson is so interesting? The finding of Higgs boson can explain the origin of the mass in the universe.

The existence of Higgs boson was predicated by François Englert and Peter Higgs.  However, the name of the Higgs Boson as well as the Higgs mechanism should be credited to Benjamin W. Lee, who died at 42 in a  car accident.

What the heck of MASS of one object?

Many people may wonder what is the mass, simple answer, mass of object is mainly determined by the mass of electron and quarks inside of the atom. However, the birth of mass is still debatable. One hypothesis from François and Peter is that the mass is born when particles pass through a field. The strong the interaction between the hypothetical filed and particles, the larger of the mass, source.  The particle(s) associated with the hypothetical filed is Higgs boson.

Does our universe has to have something?

The answer is: not very necessary.  Our universe can be born with nothing inside at all based on the theoretical particle physics.  The key issue is to find out why the Big Bang of our universe generates something, called matter, rather than nothing, called anti-matter. The exploration process is also the process to hunt the Higgs boson, which determines the birth of universe mass.

The risks involved in the hunting process

Some people 1, 2 worry the hunting process can generate anti matters, which can cause the annihilation of our world.

Want to listen to the Higgs boson’s sound in the Large Hadron Collider?

Dr. lily_asquith generated simulation for how Higgs boson could sound in the collider. You also can visit this BBC article for the sound.

A book you can read

The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

Higgs boson, accreditation to

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