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Top university president vs US president – the salary

June 23, 2010

Gordon Gee vs Barack Obama

If you a student in Ohio State University (OSU), then you have a highest paid US public university president, Gordon Gee.  Gordon’s salary is about 1.6 million dollars, with base salary $802,125, source.  In the year of 2007 – 2008, Gordon’s salary is $1,346,225, details available here.

Comparing with the salary of US president Obama, Gordon’s salary is about 3 -4 times of Obama.

The article from Time can offer a hint for why Gordon can earn so high salary.

“Gee’s power is evident in his $4.35 billion budget — bigger, he notes, than the budget of the state of Delaware, … presiding over some 40,000 employees of OSU”

Interesting enough, both of these two men earned Juris Doctor degree. Gordon got J.D. from Columbia University Law School in 1971. Obama got J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1991.


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