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ExtJS and then Sencha

June 24, 2010

Just for more FUN

Sencha, typically a name of Japanese green tea, has received quite strong attention lately. Sencha is a new name of open source project previously called Extjs. Extjs is one Rich Internet application I(RIA) Javascript framework.  It has large user base and community. Very recently, Extjs founder Jack Slocum united jQTouch and Raphaël and rename Extjs to Sencha.

Why Jack  can do this?

As we know, iPad has become popular now. The traditional RIA javascript framework such as Extjs is facing with challenges from jQTouch and Raphaël. jQTouch is relatively new javascript open source project and has special focus on multiple touch for iPhone, iPad. Raphaël is another new but already established  javascript open source project in graphics area, in particular vector based graphics processing.

(1) Extjs has larger community than jQTouch and Raphaël. This is the main reason for why jQTouch and Raphaël are willing to join in the Extjs community.

(2) Extjs also supports more systematic web user interface (UI) than jQTouch and Raphaël.

How excited of this?

Now Extjs can do far more than what it can do previously.

(1) If you are ipad developer, Sencha is for you.

(2) If you are a graphics oriented UI designer, Sencha is for you.

(3) If you are a traditional UI designer, of course, Sencha is also for you.

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