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A burg for diplomacy – Ray’s Hell Burger

June 25, 2010

Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia

Today, Ray’s Hell Burger’s boss should be quite excited. Two Presidents Barack ObamaDmitry Medvedev had a lunch in the restaurant.  How good of the Ray’s Hell Burger? Yelp can offer you a quick hint. I will list the comments of the Burg below:

(1) Mike Y (Doraville, GA)

This is a burger joint close to my heart…

(2) Go K (Fairfax, VA)

Even on a late Monday night, 8ish, this place was full!…

(3) Brian M (TX)

It’s good folks, but folks, calm down — it’s not THAT good…

(4)  Eric K. (New York, NY)

Being used to visiting burger joints in New York, it felt strange as we parked in the NoVA mini-strip mall that houses Ray’s.  However, seeing the simple wooden tables inside and out, and the general lack of decor oddly gave me a sense of peace. The roll of paper towels on each table said it all: this had all the looks of a burger joint…

(5) lenn P. (Alexandria, VA)

What accolades can I add that haven’t already been given?  Hands down, best burger joint in DC, probably best I’ve ever had…

(6) Karen R.  (Arlington, VA)

Holy heartburn Batman! What a great burger! I only ate half of it and I think I’ll be feeling it the rest of the night…

(7) Julia Vipsania A (Arlington, VA)

What is a medium-sized apple? If you automatically answered “105 calories”, then congratulations. You’re as sick as I am. But a place like Ray’s can make us better…

(8) Adam S (Arlington, VA)

I had heard of Ray’s from a friend, who was raving about it for awhile. I finally ventured to Ray’s for dinner one Saturday night, and it was definitely a great decision.  Ordered quickly, and was also able to snag a table easily, which was nice for a Satuday night.  Opted for the hellburger, with my normal toppings.


In general, there are mixed comments about Ray’s Hell Burger across US.  The Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington is however has won positive review. That may be why two Presidents drove from White House to Arlington, Virginia for this diplomatic lunch.

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