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Do you want to draw? Then Harmony is for you!

June 26, 2010

Hand drawing a simple but cool image with Harmony

Have you ever had the desire to hand draw some very simple graphics, perhaps just some random thoughts? At least I had!. Very often, I just want to draw some very simple things, you know, something random, simple, but looks good.

Then probably Harmony can help you. Harmony is an open source project designed by Mr. Doob, who is a UI master. Beside of Harmony, he also designed very cool javascript 3D engine, three.js.

Do you want to try Harmony now? Please go to this link. You can draw images with many different pen styles, for example, Sketchy, Fur, Ribbon,  Grid, and many more.


Once you start, please do not feel surprised for how simple of the Harmony interface. Harmony is a program with a very simple UI design.

You just need to select the pen color and pen style, then start to drag your mouse over the screen. After finishing the drawing, click the Save link on the toolbar, then you can save the image to your hard drive. I assume you know how to save an image on internet to your hard drive.

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