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Open and free music

June 27, 2010

22 open music sites for you

If you want to download music from web for an official and even individual use purpose, then you have to be very careful of the music copyright. For example, recently Youtube has been sued by Viacom for $ 1 billion. Youtube is safe with the federal judge’s dismiss of the lawsuit.  However, it raises copyright concerns of music, videos. There are some websites offer the creative commons music, which essentially free you from these possible lawsuits.

(1) ccmixter

(2) opsound

(3) jamendo, it has very nice music

(4) archive

(5) openmusicsource

(6) musopen

(7) createdigitalmusic, a music hardware, software news and review site. it does not offer creative commons music for now. But, Peter Kirn, one of main backers of open source music,  is worth to check out.

(8) Open Song

(9) freemusicarchive

(10) joshwoodward

(11) danosongs, it offers some nice songs

(12) audiofarm, update very frequently, some of music are creative commons

(13) gratisvibes

(14) kompoz, Kompoz has very dynamic open music community!

(15) sampleswap

(16) creative-commons-christmas-songs, just for your Christmas!

(17) artistserver

(18) soundclick, some of music are creative commons

(19) freesound

(20) artistserver

(21) ourmedia, mostly for video music

(22) revver, mostly for video music

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  1. susie permalink
    June 27, 2010 5:23 pm

    It is nice to know the concept of “creative commons”. It makes me think about the meaning of property right, copyright, and patent again. In commercial society, clear definition of these rights protect owners for claiming money-related interests when the products are commercialized. With the development of internet, people can easily get free resources and quickly create new things, based on resources they get and their additional new ideas. It may become harder to measure the contribution of contributors to a final product, or to define who really owns the product created. Can “creative commons” really protect rewards to human thoughts or labor?
    Anyway, I think open source may bring changes of institutions for wealth distribution.


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