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How bad of social graphic design network?

June 28, 2010

Some thoughts about graphic designers and human society needs

(1)  Traditional design is being challenged.  The traditional designers often rely on the company support. Only handful big and very profitable companies/institutes are capable of hiring professional graphic designers, for example, Apple, IBM, HP, news media, and advertisement companies. Small companies or startups are generally not able to hire graphic designers.

(2)  Interesting fact.  If you can compare the number of graphic designers on Wikipedia, 1 , 2, mostly earned their reputation in the old time, with the graphic designers on the dribble and brusheezy, mostly new-age graphic designers, you can find something interesting.

Dribble has over thousands of designers. Brusheezy also has over thousands of designers. However, Wikipedia only listed handful graphic designers. It is true Wikipedia’s list is not complete. But, without social network, only handful graphic designers can be known in public.

(3)  The art quality. Even today, it is still not easy to quantify the art quality. Often, we would rather use variety to assess the quality of graphic design. The art diversity on the dribble and brusheezy is enough for the common uses.  Beyond of the common uses, that is still a challenge.

(4)  What is our human society really looking for? For generations, humans work for a better life. The life quality depends on our work quality and productivity. Any means which can maximize the human work quality and productivity should be acceptable by our society.  Open source is one of such means, but not necessarily the best and the most optimal one.

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