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Why iPhone continues to drop signals from 2008 – present?

June 28, 2010

iPhone is good, how about its quality assurance (QA) ?

It is reported iPhone4 has encountered the signal reception issues. In a famous Email reply, Jobs wrote that ” just avoid holding in that way” 1 , 2 ,3.  It seems a simple and straightforward answer.

Why iPhone dropped the signals? Some one explained that it is because the users’ skin touch of the iPhone can somehow attenuated the antenna performance.  iPhone signal reception problem is not a new issue, back to 2008, there were already numerous complains about the poor signal reception in the 3G network.

However, it seems Apple has not paid much attention to this problem. it is not able to find any solution to the  iPhone reception issues in their website. Even worse, Jobs yesterday just denied there is a signal reception problem. If Jobs could not directly face with the problem, then the company QA team would not make much effort to fix it.

Naked iPhone is no good, dress it with a case, pink, red, black, whatever the color you like, for a BETTER signal, picture accreditation to

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