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Open source HTML5 video projects (1)

June 29, 2010

It is time for HTML5 video

First of all, there is a very dedicated site for HTML5 video.  Here is some often used HTML5 video player.

If you are a programmer. the following open source HTML5  video project can be very helpful.

(1) Video-JS, from Zencoder

(2) Kaltura, very influential open source video project

(3) flarevideo, from Alex MacCaw

(4) Open Standard Media (OSM) Player, built by Alethia-inc, the source code,  they also built Dashplayer for Drupal CMS.

(5) Panda, from new bamboo

(6) Mediacore, similar to Kaltura, another very influential open source video project

(7) Html5-video, from Rasmus Andersson, no demo available yet


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