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Give me a cent, I will work for you – 1

June 30, 2010

Job, Opportunity, Success

A theme:

When one is asked who are you working for, it is not unusual to get the answer with some confidence tone, i work for Google, IBM, Harvard, MIT, Wall Street…  It is however also often to hear some embarrassing tone, saying i have been unemployed for a while.

The profession has become somehow one of your identities. For many people, it does not only determine the income, but also the social ranking, the respect from others. Good company/institute often means high income, nice social security, and some extra bonus. Our life needs this.

The people working in Wall Street can spend thousands of dollars on a single vacation, around the world,  with the club fee between $195,000 to $395,000. It is nothing worng. You are working harder, you get better reward. It it a motivation for people to work harder for our society.

The question is there are only a few such good companies. Most of us are working for smaller, unsecured, or even shabby companies.  Social-economically, this leads to the structured economic hierarchy. For most of people, we can not afford to have a vacation around the world. We of course can have a nice and cozy vacation on the beach several hours away from our home.

Do we need to change? :

It is generally unethical for most of us to say the people who are unemployed, working in the low paid companies are not as decent as the people working in a high paid company.  This common practice means people tend to believe all people are equal. The rich people might get a better opportunity, a nicer help than us when they strive for their success. But they are just nothing different from us.

Basis: All people are born to be equal, to get the equal opportunity, to equally maximize their success.

Change? This will be continued in the next session…

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