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Green tech companies you should know -1

July 1, 2010

Green energy, our future

With the US unemployment rate has increased to 10.6% in May,2010, the job allocation becomes a public topic again. Green tech companies can provide job, startup, investment opportunities to us. We put together some company information of this.

(1) Sunrunhome, upgrade your home to be solar powered, just raised $55 million venture capital

(2) Sanyohomes, solar company in Japan

(3) KPCB, raised $1.2 billion back 2008, it should be able to fund various kinds of new green tech startups

(4) Google green data center, you might can look for a job there, collaborate with them for some projects

(5) Google Green, it is said Google might go to nuclear, believe it or not!

(6) Cisco Smart grid, Oracle Smart grid, GE Smart grid,  smart grid is getting a good shape

(7) Top 10 Smart grid companies, a useful list

(8) Top 50 VC funded green tech companies, startups!

(9) A short list, maybe also useful for you


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