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Immigrants and green tech startups

July 1, 2010

Immigrants and Green

There were 35 million immigrants in US in 2005, about 12% percent of US population. The immigrants however nearly account for almost half of scientists and engineers with doctorate degrees in US, source. 70 percent of the men and women who entered the fields of science and engineering from 1995 to 2006 were immigrants, source.

There are two interesting articles discussing the green tech and the possible workforce, immigrants 1, 2. The analysis and projection is not groundless at all.

Since 1990, immigrants have founded 25% venture-capital-backed startups in US, source. These startups are mainly in information technology (24%) and high tech manufacturing (42%), source. With this fact, we can make a projection that immigrants can be a solid force for green tech startups.

Among them, India immigrants created 32% of the startups, Israel immigrants created 17%,  Taiwan immigrants created 16%.

Why immigrants like to come to US for their startups? There are many reasons, liberty, mature entrepreneurial environment, business freedom, less censorship.

Senators Kerry & Lugar also call for modification of EB-5 visa with the quote, more startups, more jobs!

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