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July 2, 2010

Creative Commons ~= Free

Creative commons (CC) materials have less restrictions for use. You essentially have a lot of freedom to use and share the CC materials. How to search CC? Lets get started

(1) If you are a heavy Firefox user, there is a CC search plugin.

(2) also has a tool for you to use.  This tool integrates the Google Web, Google Image, Yahoo Web, Flickr Image, Blip TV, Jamendo Music, Spinxpress, Wikimedia commons. This tool is just great, must checkout!

(3) Compfight has the creative commons search feature.

(4) Flickr creative commons, a good way to find sharable images.

(5) Yahoo creative commons, yahoo is one of early supporters of CC search.

(6) Google also supports creative commons search. But google takes a slightly different approach from Yahoo. Currently, Google only supports creative commons image search, source.  When search images in Google, users have to go to click the advanced search feature. Select several different safe search options. These safe search options can be very confusing to many users. Google should consider give some explicit explanations of these safe search terms.

If you want to save some time, save this link!

(7) There is also another article providing a very useful list of CC search.

(8) If you want to search for free music, do not miss one our early article.

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