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What are the good parts of Google Wave usability?

July 2, 2010

Wave’s good

Google wave has been released to public over a month. In the following, the good parts of Google Wave usability will be listed:

1. Colored Label

Figure 1, colored label

As can see in Figure 1, Wave uses the colored label.  This is an innovative in label management method. User can easily tell the differences of the different labels.

2. Easy share of document with “+” sign

Figure 2, “+” sign

The “+” sign has a clear meaning. It is just above the editor, very handy.

3. Innovative slide bar

Figure 3, innovative slide bar

The slide bar is small and also close the top of the editor. The position is close to the initial position of the document, which is also where your mouse very often stays.  Users do not have to drag that slide bar very far to scroll the document, saving time, saving energy!

4. Movable Done button

Figure 4, done button

The done button position is not fixed. It moves downward when you continue to edit the document.  It is easier for users to click the done button.

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