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Compass CSS framework

July 3, 2010

Ruby based, easy to use

Compass is a stylesheet authoring framework, also an open source project. It is a ruby based framework. Main author is Chris Eppstein,a software Architect at Caring. You write stylesheet using SASS , which is an extension of CSS3.

Compass has numerous functions

(1) CSS3

background manipulation, Box effects, CSS3 utilities ( mainly webkit CSS effects), multiple columns, font, gradient, inline block, opacity control, text shadow,transform

(2) Helpers

color-stops([$color-stop]*), control how color is divided

elements-of-type($display), control the display, inline, table…

font-files([$font, $format]*), include external font files

image-width($image), image-height($image), image dimenstion

inline-image($image, $mime-type), embed image directly in the stylesheet without additional HTTP request

nest($selector1, $selector2, …), selectors manipulation

URL functions, can get image, font, stylesheet url easily

(3) Layout control and other utilities

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