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Gene can really tell your chance of living beyond 100?

July 4, 2010

Gene and life

Scientists, Paola Sebstiani and Thomas Perls in Boston university have created a bio statistical model to predicate the likelihood of people to live beyond of 100. The paper is available in the journal of science. The accuracy of such predication can be 77%.

1, 055 centenarians and 1, 267 controls (non-centenarians) gene data were used in the research. The number of participants should satisfy the statistical power for predication.

The study also found that the centenarians gene data are associated with a strong pattern. It can actually be clustered into 19 groups.

In the future, we possibly can do this:

Make a gene test, possibly with 23andME, know whether we are in these 19 groups able to live beyond 100!

This image belongs to Flickr Creative Commons

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