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The man behind of Google Chrome OS

July 4, 2010

Chrome OS backed by, a man, and millions of men

Matthew Papakipos’s leave of Chrome OS to Facebook has attracted several medias’ attention, 12, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9. Why an engineer’s job switch can lead to so much public attention?

This could be possibly due to what he has been working on – Chrome OS, an open source, with a great number of developers, future computer and mobile device OS.

His leave is somehow very surprising with the fact that the Chrome OS is expected to release this year September. Media already makes a predication that Chrome OS will be a very successful OS in history.

He has filed over 70 patents. This number is possibly more than that of most of professors in US universities.

As he said on his Twitter account:

@boulabiar chromeos will be just fine. it’s open source. everyone can make it better! and everyone can use it.

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