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Get started with Sakai3

July 5, 2010

Get started now…

Sakai is a Java based open source project mainly used for higher education. Sakai has been used by over 200 institutions around world. Each institution has users ranging between 200 to 200,000, source.

Sakai 3 initiative has been started about a year, but it is mainly still in the experimental phase. It is still not easy for developers to get a nice picture and roadmap. In the following, we will list the resources to help you quickly get started.

(1)  Sakai 3 general development, roadmap, concept, and demo page.

(2) SakaiUX source, in Github, Sakai 2 codes are mostly hosted with SVN, Sakai 3 has switched to Github.

(3) Oszkar Nagy, Christian Vuerings are Sakai3 UI developers. Keep watching their work can be very beneficial to you.

(4) Sakai 3 UI development guideline.

(5) Sakai 3 UI prototype development.

(6) Show you how to use Aptana Studio for the development Sakai 3 UI javascript and other files.

(7) Sakai 3 UI working group.

(8) How to write a Sakai 3 Widget.

(9) Sakai 3 kernel source, also in Github

(10) Ian Boston is a technical man you have to follow closely for engaging Sakai 3 kernel.

(11) Apache Sling, Sakai 3 is built based on Apache Sling Technique. You have to know Sling in order to learn Sakai3.

(12) Sakai 3 Kernel discussion and early document list is hosted on Google Code.

(13) Aaron Zeckoski, one of very early Sakai developers, made a very nice Javascript best practice for programming Sakai3 UI.

(14) Some very nice tutorial for early birds, 1, 2,3,4

(15) In the near future, most of schools will only be able to adopt Sakai 2 + Sakai 3 mode, also called Hybrid mode.

(16) Lance Speelmon made a good tutorial video for how to migrate Sakai 2 content to Sakai 3 content, which is based on Apache jackrabbit.

Feel free to add more resources in the comment areas, if you feel they are going to be helpful.

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