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30 open source graph software

July 6, 2010

A concise list

1:raphaeljs 2: processingJS 3:sylvester 4:jsdraw2d 5: Canvas 3D JS Libary (c3dl) 6:thejit 7: InfoVis 8:prefuse 9:vtk 10:jgraph 11:JUNG12:Paraview 13:ITK 14:MAYAvi 15: jgrapht 16:graphviz 17:gef18:gnuplot 19:r-project 20:GIMP 21:inkscape 22:getpaint23:gimpshop 24:blender 25:bigbuckbunny 26: anim8or 27:caligari28: 3D software infor 29: SVGweb 30: Explorecanvas

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