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Make pretty web page elements layout

July 6, 2010

Lightweight, Flexible

Web elements layout is important. It is also hard to do. Here we conclude the most usable web elements layout frameworks.

(1)  David DeSandro, Github account, currently living in VA, US, made jQuery Masonry.  Based on Masonry, Mike Harding made Scaffold theme for Tumblr. It can be used for almost any web elements, image, video, text… It even supports infinite scroll very well. Note: it requires jQuery 1.4.6.

The quick demo we made based on jQuery Masonry

(2) Adam Wulf, currently living in Portland, OR, US, made columnizer-jquery-plugin, good for fixed number of columns, but can not get irregular structure layout – flow layout as jQuery Masonry.

(3) Bram Stein currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark, made another jQuery based layout engine called, jLayout. It can both be useful for fixed column layout and flow layout.

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