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Why Firefox can not compete with Chrome?

July 7, 2010


Firefox, a product a Mozilla, Chrome, a product of Google. Now they are in the war. It seems Chrome has continuously grabbed the market share from Firefox 1, 2.

The greatness of Firefox

Firefox brought an internet revolution, which makes the web get away from the IE dark age.

The awkward of Firefox

It is slow, still slower than Chrome.  Some poorly written Addons abuse the Firefox’s speed.  On the other hand, Chrome and many its Addons are much more clean and faster.

Why is that hard for Firefox to compete with Chrome?

The war between Firefox and Chrome is not the dark-age-war any longer. This war is between two open sources. The victory of the war is mostly determined by product vision and management.

Google Chrome has a much sharper and long term product vision than Firefox. Chrome wants become a WebOS platform, ChromeOS, an adorable future OS, so it has to be slick fast. From its birth date, Firefox has been aimed to become an excellent web browser to beat IE’s monopoly.

It is short product eyesight that kills Firefox competency.

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