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Pivotal Labs – the base of DIASPORA project

July 8, 2010

What makes Pivotal Labs nice about is that it supports early starters

From 6.7, the team of Diaspora has settled down in the Pivotal Labs for doing their new development work. What is about Pivotal Lab? It seems they have been busy developing some Ruby on Rails projects for some customers. In first impression, it looks like a typical medium size software company.

But, when you take a further detailed look, they really have some interesting concepts of software development. For example, they emphasize:

(1) Pair programming. Two person use one computer for programming. Advantage? Yes, if one guy can not figure out, another guy might help!

(2) Test-driven development. It is to develop the customer required features. If the features do not meet the customers’ need, then continue to work on it. What this mean? It means just go ahead to do it, test it, re-rest it, improve it, then test it. They have borrowed a nice term from Toyota Kaizen, called continuous improvement, deployment.

(3) Short iterations. It is to keep every development cycle as short as possible. Do not invest a heck of long time, stop!, test, and think about what you are developing.

In general, Pivotal Labs emphasizes the agile development. The agile process can be very useful for the early software starters like Diaspora team.

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  1. October 6, 2010 2:52 pm

    t’s such a important site. fabulous, quite intriguing!!!





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