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R project

July 11, 2010

Introduction to R

There are commercial statistics packages, SASSPSS (now belongs to IBM), JMP, Minitab. All of these packages are expensive. There are some open source packages you can try out. Most of these packages can be found here 1, 2. In this article, we will focus on discussing R.

The R project has a large user base. The number of users are still increasing. There are many companies starting to hire the R programmer. R has already had thousands of contributed packages.

(1) Want to get started in a matter of seconds? Wikipedia article is the way to go.

(2) There is a R journal specializing on discussing the statistics research and latest R package.

(3) Some free books for R, 1, 2, 3, 4.

(4) Tired of using the command line for R? Try ESS, a nice graphic interface for R.

(5) Some special version of R, Bioconductor: mainly for bioinformatics research, Omegahat: providing data manipulation and web functions.

(6) A powerful collection of R packages, CRAN.

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