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Sproutcore touch

July 13, 2010

The next web in motion

Sproutcore touch just released a demo, called NPR.  It looks very clean and slick.  Sproutcore was created by Charles Jolley, a former employee in Apple. He actually just left Apple last Friday. In his leaving notes, he set an ambitious goal:

My goal is to make SproutCore and all of the developer tools that surround it totally free to everyone. All I ask is that you participate in the community somehow to make things a little better for those who come after you.

He is also the co-founder of Sproutit. Sproutcore UI firmly inherited Apple UI style. This is a good news for many developers.

(1) Apple UI elements are not easy to make. It needs some ones who know Apple work very well. Charles Jolley is qualified. He has worked in Apple for a while.

(2) Sproutcore and the UI elements are open sources. Apple iPad, iPhone OS and UI are not open sourced.

Sproutcore takes a rich web client (e.g. MVC, Mode-View-Controller) approach to address the web UI and function design.

Lets take a look Spoutcore touch. The Sproutcore touch has several neat features highlighted in red.

(1) It supports multiple row and columns scroll and touch.

(2) Within each cell, user can do some tasks.

(3) All UI elements are definitely look like “made by Apple”.

(4) Clearly, Sproutcore touch is mainly designed for iPad!

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