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Josef Frank, the less secret of architecture

July 15, 2010

For Public, For Pretty

Today, Google presented the art logo in memorizing the work of Josef Frank.  The great value of Josef was the effort he put into solving the public housing and housing estate.

Why public housing does matter?

The simple answer is that people can not afford the private house. Public housing can provide a solution for this. This might not be a matter for rich people, but it matters much for average or low income families.

Public housing also provide a model for design, where architects can work together to solve the problems for public benefits. With the public good in mind, architects can work for the less secret architecture. There are several open architecture communities. The notable ones are  (1) openarchitecturenetwork, (2) open source architecture.

There are some also architects working hard on the open source architecture. Cameron Sinclair co-founded the architecture for humanity.

Water Front, public housing, Singapore (Image belongs to Flickr Creative Commons)

The Heng Estate, public housing, Hongkong (Image belongs to Flickr Creative Commons)

Kallari Center project, from openarchitecturenetwork,

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