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Openstack, an open cloud from Rackspace and NASA

July 20, 2010

Open cloud is gaining the position.

Rackspace just had another innovation. It open sourced the cloud service. RackspaceNASA, as well as other companies including Dell, Intel, Cloudswitch are on the backers list of Rackspace. The mission of Rackspace written by Jim Curry, the VP of Corporate Development at Rackspace is:

To produce the ubiquitous OpenSource Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.

Rackspace can be a big deal given

(1) Open sourced

(2) Backed by profitable companies

(3) Built on the tops of NASA Nebula scalable engine. Nebula, an open source project, is boasted with the following feature:

Each shipping container data center can hold up to 15,000 CPU cores or 15 petabytes of storage while proving 50% more energy efficient than traditional data centers. It has been used for processing and delivering the high resolution imagery of Mars.

Nebula shipping container data center

The Racksapce still inherits two primary cloud services as Rackspace does, computation and storage.

The developer codes are located on the Launchpad, here.  The Rackspace code is till in its early release, thus the codes are still not very complete yet. It can gain the sophistication with the leading team’s continuous effort.

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