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Virginia Tech lumenhaus solar house

July 25, 2010

A future, a practice

Lumenhaus is the brand of solar house designed by School of Architecture + DesignVirginia Tech. The design of the solar house emphasizes the integrity and endurance. The Lumenhaus solar house is friendly to both environment and energy.

The sustainability is characterized by:

  • Compact volume
  • Little air infiltration
  • Strategic insulation
  • Natural/cross ventilation
  • Passive heating
  • Solar shading
  • Cross ventilation
  • Integrated geothermal energy sink
  • Computer automated controls
The material selection:
  • Green line paint
  • HTC Superfloor concrete
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Closed-cell spray foam
  • Maple-veneered plywood
  • Aluminum framed Fleetwood sliding glass doors
  • Barrisol stretched fabric ceiling
  • Electrochromic glass, SageGlass
  • Recycled materials (for Daltile bathroom tile)
  • Rubber tile
  • Aerogel filled polycarbonate panels
  • Stainless steel shutters
  • Zinc façade panels
  • White, lightweight, weatherproof, Acrylife PVC membrane
  • 45 grid-tied solar panels – Sanyo 190 HIT Double Bifacial Photovaltaic
  • Wood (ipe) – rot and termite resistant
  • Aluminum walk off mat
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