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Adlib, super, but what Apple is trying to hide?

July 27, 2010

Super, but good?

Adlib becomes one of most discussed technical topics today. It is made by Apple and suspected being the web framework used by Apple for iPhone and iPad. What makes people love Adlib is that it can almost mimic anything a native application can do., for example, the smooth scrolling, the hiding of address bar etc. It is possible for you to download Adlib from Boston web design.

Similar to Pastry kit,  a web based iPhone app development framework, Adlib is also not open sourced and lack of documentation. Developers have to make many hacks and guesses to work with it.

Technically, it is already possible to develop web based iPhone and iPad apps, which have similar performance and even outperformed the native apps.

What makes Apple not willing to open the web development door for iPhone and iPad apps?

One and probably the only one reason:

By forcing developers to use the Xcode platform, Apple can make a good amount of revenue from it. If Apple really pushes the web based iPhone, ipad apps, it will lose this market.

The future of iPhone, iPad development

For PC, there are not likely many developers and companies (except Microsoft) still investing a lot of time and effort for developing non-web based applications. This is also the destiny of iPhone, iPad, which are essentially nothing different from PC.

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