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Open Tapku makes iPhone, iPad app development easier

July 27, 2010

Tapku: lightweight, easy to use

Created by Devin Ross, TapuKu has been used by various iPhone, iPad applications. The most notable ones are Dig TapTapTap, TimeKeeper, and Camera +.

Tapuku is lightweight compared with Facebook Three20. Tapku APIs can be easily used along with Apple iPhone APIs. The documentation of TapuKu is available here. Devin is working on developing new features of TapuKu.

Some more applications are also using Tapku, for example, G-cal is using Tapuku calender view.

The following is our interview with Devin:

Can you briefly describe what Tapku can do?

The framework for the most part gives iphone developers addition API’s
for common user interface elements like coverflow, month calendar grid
and charting. Those UI views headline the framework. The framework has
smaller elements like loading indicators, table view cells among other
things. Just recently I added an API which I call TKImageCenter. The
class was in response to applications where you have to manage a lot
of network requests for user avatars. It streamlines the process of
requesting those images over the network.

What are the differences between Tapku and Three20

There are some similarity between both frameworks. Each framework can
help a developer depending on their needs in different ways. I pride
my framework on being as straight forward and simple so developers can
take parts of my framework and utilize it in their application like
they would with an Apple API.

Which iPhone/iPad applications have used Tapku? How they used Tapku?

I’m mostly likely utilize the framework more than anyone out there and
that helps me continue to improve the framework. The best place learn
about the different APIs the framework offers is the demo application
that shows off the various classes. I’ve used the framework’s various
APIs in developing Camera+ and Digg for Tap Tap Tap. I’ve also used
the calendar and charting views for my application Time Keeper. I also
get emails and will see articles where people are utilizing the
framework in some manner for their application. For example, I got an
email the other day for a new application G-cal that uses the calendar

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