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Adobe acquired Day, what this means?

July 28, 2010

Adobe (Mostly Close) will rely on Day (Open)

Adobe just acquired day software for $240 million. Why is this a big deal? It says Adobe is hungry for going online to resolve its trouble.

Why Adobe is in trouble? The Flash has significant challenges from HTML5, as we showed in Apple’s Lover- Adobe (1) and Apple’s Lover- Adobe (2). The creative suit is facing with the challenges from online photo/image editors, as we have shown in Apple’s Lover – Adobe (3).

On the other hand, this acquire signifies even stronger signal. It means open source software company can have huge market value. It also means the conventional closed company such as Adobe is eager for the reputation of open company like Day.

Day software is the initiator of Apache Sling project. Sling makes day software become well known in content management system (CMS) area. Sling has been used by various projects. One of very famous applications is Sakai project, also open source, in production in over 200 universities.

Fair to say, without open the Day company software to public, Day software could still remain as a public unknown company. It is because the competition for CMS is so strong. Without public recognition and endorsement, it is challenging for Day to be successful.

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  1. Francis permalink
    July 30, 2010 7:44 am

    Under the covers the software is Sencha… go figure.


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