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Drupal 7 design principles

July 29, 2010

Design Drupal 7

Drupal 7 is expected to be released soon. One of biggest improvements of Drupal 7 is the new user interface (UI), which has been led by Mark Boulton, the author of Five Simple Steps, and Lisa Reichelt. The basic principles are:

1. Make the most frequent tasks easy and less frequent tasks achievable.

2. Design for the 80%

3. Privilege the content creator

4. Make the default settings smart

Lisa Reichelt and Mark Boulton also made videos for showing the design principles of Drupal 7.

The improved Drupal 7 UI has several following features:

(1) Distribute Administrative workspace elements and layout more evenly, with the more elegant looks.

(2) Edit the page, configure modules on the fly

(3) Incorporate useful modules such as CCK to the core

(4) Integrate the CK wysiwyg html editor

You also definitely need to checkout the Drupal 7 UX project website, where you can learn a lot more details of the design process.

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