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The competition between Boswars and Warcraft

July 30, 2010

Grow by competition

Boswars is an open source game developed based on Stratagus, a real time strategy open source game engine.

Boswars is written in C. Lua is used for game configuration. SDL is used for  audio, video, and graphics. This game has sophisticated real time strategy engine and map editor.

The original aim of Stratagus and Boswars is to compete with Warcraft. After several years, it is a time to compare the quality of these two games.

Compared with Warcraft, Boswars has several following main problems.

(1) It, in default, does not support full screen on Windows OS.

(2) Its game picture quality is far lower than the warcraft.

(3) It does not really have an online community like warcraft has. Without a dynamic community, it is hard for real time strategy game to grow up.

(4) Warcraft is 3D now, but Boswars still remains as 2D.

(5) There are not enough player’s roles in Boswars. Players’ chat and trade are not as easy as warcraft.

Hope this article can help Boswars to become more competitive.

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