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Chrome OS vs Jolicloud

August 2, 2010

Netbook OS competition

Chrome OS, an open source netbook OS will release soon. At the same time, jolicloud is ahead of the curve, which just released V1.0 stable. Both of them are built on the top of Linux kernel. The brief comparsition of Chrome OS and Jolicloud is listed below. First of all, both of them are free.

(1) Openness, Chrome OS is an open source, some one who knows Linux can grab the code and compile on their machine. However, some one also gave concern that Chrome OS will include some proprietary technologie, which will compromise the Chrome OS true openness. Jolicloud is also built based on Linux, but now, it does not open its code to public yet.

(2) Documentation, Chrome OS has pretty extensive document available online. It is fairly easy for a programmers to make some apps for Chrome OS. However, Chrome OS does not have much guide for non programmers yet. it is likely because it has not made its public release yet. Jolicloud also has sufficient documentation for non-coders – general users.

(3) HTML5, both Jolicloud and Chrome OS emphasize the importance of HTML5. Compared to Jolicloud, Chrome OS can take some more advantages from Chrome browser. It is well known that Chrome browser team has made extreme efforts in supporting HTML5, which has been covered by us in Chrome experiments HTML5 demo to blow you away, Do you want to learn HTML5?

(4) Community, Jolicloud is still pretty much a startup, its community has not been well established yet. In comparison, Chrome OS has more supporters. One reason of this is that Chrome browser has been on market for a while. The Chrome browser users can make an easy switch to the Chrome OS. There are also some sites specifically aiming for spreading Chrome OS, for example, chromeossite.

(5) Future, Jolicloud company is smaller than Google, the main backer of Chrome OS. As such, Jolicloud could potentially make some quicker strategy maneuver. For example, Jolicloud can fully open the source codes, enhance community support, attracting more programmers to develop apps. Extensive openness to some extent can determine the future of these two netbook OS. If you are interested in what is really a valuable openness, Rick Clark, the lead of Openstack, made an interesting talk about this.

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